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When we founded BW Accounting Solutions in 2015, our objective was to create an agile, customer-centric accountancy business.

Digitalisation is moving at lightning speed in the accounting profession and we wanted to ensure our business was able to move with the times, benefitting from valuable new tools that streamline the customer experience.

Cloud Accounting
Traditional accounting software ties business owners to a single office or desk, quickly requires upgrades, and is often costly. Updating data and maintaining back-ups is time-consuming and tedious, diverting attention away from core business tasks.

With cloud accounting software, our customers are able to access accounts data securely from any location, at any time. The software can be used across devices – laptop, tablet or smartphone – and IT support is handled remotely, meaning businesses are no longer held up waiting for the ‘IT guy’!

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Cloud technology allows us to work in partnership with our clients, as it provides all parties with a clear overview of accounts, in real-time. The software is paid for through a monthly subscription, and updates are automatic and free.

Our clients love the transparency and flexibility of our service. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your queries.

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