There could be many reasons for wanting to switch accountants, ranging from lack of communication to simply moving your business premises elsewhere.  Whatever the reasons, the steps to changing accountants is hassle free and usually only require you to draft one letter.  Of course, we would be working in the background simultaneously to ensure that the handover to us runs smoothly and efficiently.  

We’ve outlined the simple steps taken to switch over to us:

  1. Once you decide to move from your current accountant, we would firstly recommend that all financial responsibilities to your accountant are discharged i.e. all outstanding invoices paid.
  1. Next you will need to inform your current accountant that you are planning to change and that they have your permission to contact us for handing over the information. We understand that informing your accountant can be awkward, therefore we will draft you a letter to post to your current accountant.
  1. At the same time, we will write to your current accountant, asking if there is any reason why we cannot take you on as a client, This is a professional formality, and does not normally present any problems. The information requested will include up to date accounts & tax returns, payroll, and VAT information amongst other details.
  1. Providing there are no issues, your current accountant should then forward all requested information to us within a reasonable time frame.
  1. The final stage is to assign authority to us for your tax affairs. This means that BW Accounting Solutions is authorised to file on your behalf, personal tax returns, partnership returns and all the limited company tax and companies house issues.
  1. The process takes a few weeks assuming there are no hiccups, we should have all your accounting and tax records, as well as hold authority to act on your behalf.

Point to Note

Never leave this close to any Companies House or HMRC deadlines as the transfer of records and authority won’t have enough time to go through, which could potentially lead to penalties.

BW Accounting Solutions are happy to discuss switching to us to ensure the process is smooth without any delays and penalties. Call us on 01204  243322 or email on